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Dennis J. West


The Password Scenes

The Password Ending

That Girl can Sang !

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Secrets in the Islands

Check out this great video


Welcome to DWest Consolidated Inc., a site where you can come and explore a  wide range of things. Get information keep up with different aspects of  the entertainment industry. We cover all types of entertainment  and industries. All of our consultants have vast knowledge in their  field. One of our strengths we pride ourselves on is "if we don't know it" we will put you in touch with the right people that can. Our Founder and Chairman got his start in the Music business since then he has  diversified into live stage plays, publishing, social media, website  design and construction, consulting as well as artist representation. Most of  our clients have been with the company for ten years at the least. Our motto is help enough people get what they want and everything you every  wanted will be yours without asking. Taking care of your artist and giving back to your community keeps out company strong as well as  standing strong In 2015 the second generation came aboard to carryout the vision into the next level. Chanta Tankersley-West works closely with her father who is the founder and chairman in preparation to take over the day to day operations of DWest Consolidated Inc. She is currently responsible for the day to day operations of Albranta  Entertainment, Albranta Music and Albranta MultiMedia. There are several family members to pass the baton to when they are ready: (Brandi-Denise,  Business  Executive ) (Alexander-Dennis,Musician and Producer) and the  third generation of grand kids Kennedi-Denise, Jayla-Denise,  Aleyia-Denise and Saicha-Denise.