Linda Armstrong-Miller

 Background Information

Touched is my  first published novel. The revision of Changing Tides, which was  actually my first book written, will soon be complete. In it, like  Touched, the strongest charactor is a woman. That's because my  grandmother was the strongest major influence in my family. She was the  focal point of the family. She stayed in touch with everyone, therefore  acting as the adhesive that keep us all together.

Birth Place
Queens, NY USA

I  have an associates degree in nursing. Critical care is my specialty  area. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services.

You  touch the people you come in contact with everyday in some way. Make  that touch a positive one. That's the concept that I stress in my first  novel, Touched. Touched was published in Oct. 2000 It is the third book  that I've written but the first one published. I would love to meet all  of my readers "coming to a Book Store or Coffee Shop near you very soon.